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Buying Collectible United States Currency


shifted printing inverted printing missing serial numbers and seal Missing 2nd Print Foldover

We buy most all currency errors in any denomination or quantity.

Fancy Serial Numbers

Fancy Serial Number

   We're always buying fancy serial numbers, such as ladders (12345678, 23456789, 34567890, 45678910, 10203040, 50515253, 11112222, etc) descending ladders (10987654, 98765432, 87654321, 76543210, 40302010, 22221111, etc), solid radars (11111111 - 99999999), high even numbers (10000000 - 90000000), low numbers, single and double digit (00000001 through 00000099), and repeaters (12121212, 10001000, 11221122, etc) in all denominations. Many of these number combinations sell for several hundred to over $1000 each, depending on the series year, denomination, variety and condition. Tell us what you have.

Gold Certificates

$20 Gold Certificate $50 Gold Certificate

Buying U.S. Gold Certificates in all denominations, large and small size.


1966 $100 Specimen United States Note

We buy specimen currency in all denominations.

Trial & Experimental Issues

  Buying BEP Test Notes, Trial Notes, and Experimental currency

 Buying BEP Test Notes, Trial Notes, and Experimental currency.

Are you thinking of selling?

  If you're ready to sell your currency, please contact us by email. Normally we will have you ship the notes and we will make an offer within 24 hours of receipt. If you do not accept our offer, we will pay the return shipping cost and refund your shipping costs! No  cost or obligation to you! IMPORTANT! Please call or email us before shipping. Items sent to us without prior approval will be returned uninsured by regular mail.

How you benefit

  Our awareness of current market prices and demand, coupled with our low overhead costs, allows us to offer you more for your collection. So give us a call or contact us by email,  we're ready to answer any questions you may have, and we'll always be courteous, and respectful of your needs.

 Shipping Instructions


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